Friday, June 02, 2006

summary of recent events

have not updated for a while but not much time so I'll summarize real quick.

Decided to go back to korea after graduation.
Submitted resume to a few places.
Got back the standard "we're sorry but at this time.." emails.
My labmate who recently joined the lab from korea got a call from her colleagues coming over for recruiting.
Fwd my resume, got the call, interviewed with them.
Went pretty well I think. waiting for call back for the 2nd interview over the phone with the technical folks.
that's the short summary of the boring things that happened the past few weeks.

now for the less mundane things...
thinking of starting soccer again. will go for the korean grad students soccer club practice tomorrow if it doesn't rain like they say it will.
my winning eleven skills are improving. still dunno the flashy stuff but better overall team play.
started reading alan alda's never get your dog stuffed. interesting + funny reading. if you thought your childhood was messed up, you should read what he has to say about his.
my korean buddy in the lab (more like an older brudder since he's much older) told me about the adult nightlife scene in korea which I found shocking. I won't go into the details but maybe I'll bring you there Jo or loe if you come visit me.

read on the news about the baby in china with an extra arm. started wondering what would be coolest thing you could do with an extra arm.


At 8:46 PM, Blogger Jo said...

sure man...

Asia is riding the Korean wave now, confirm airtics to S.Korea damn cheap

wats all these hype about Dae Jyong Goum?

At 8:13 AM, Anonymous Larry Loe said...

damn! I wanna do all those perverse things in Corea!! Bring me bring me!!

Gd Luck with them jobs stuff, good things will happen to good people.



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