Sunday, April 30, 2006

What's Passe?

When you're in you late teens and early 20s, you care about what's in and what's passe, what people are listening, reading, watching, wearing, thinking... we're either too lazy, too stupid or just too plain immature to figure out what we're like.

Now that I'm older, I classify things into different categories. Things that I understand or don't understand; things that I agree with, have no opinion on, or think are plain stupid; things I care about, things I'm somewhat concerned about (like global warming perhaps) and things I don't give a rats ass about.

Developing your own style and personality is about expanding your knowledge, thoughts, and sense about the things you care about. If that's passe, who gives a damn? I don't think I can have a normal conversation about someone who uses that word anymore, "That's so Passe". What's that got to do with what you think, or what I think?

With that said, to my labmate who only listens to Celine Dion type diva songs and be openly public about it by singing in the lab, rock on brother. You're still cool,.... sometimes.


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