Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Defining my standards on beauty

Was reading someone else's blog about the plastic surgery issue and was reminded about my own standards on beauty. A good buddy of mine recently mentioned that whether way out of his league or not, if he see's a "chio-bu" he will try his best to court her. No loss even if it doesn't work out, he says. Besides from the obvious such as physical appearances, he wants someone who's kind and cooks well. Well my guess is, that's probably the most common standard that many guys use until they decide to "settle" for something and decide to stop looking.

I think when I was 18 I used to have the same standards. Now, I think my perceptions have changed. Pretty faces are always around; magazines, movies and porn. I don't need to go out with someone who's hot to feel satisfied or secure. On the other hand, I find the people who are good at what they do, attractive. Carmen Electra? No. Helen Hunt? Yes. Or even someone as old as Emma Thompson. Not just at a job, but overall skills set as a person. How you speak, how well you maintain relationships with people and family, and so on.

If I ever want to go with the first option, I could go back to Korea like my parents want me to. Matchmaking and blind dates are extremely common back home and especially with the recession (haha), I'd probably be a good option for someone looking out for marriage options.
I think I'd probably feel insecure in that kind of relationship, because I don't want my self-worth to be buried within the physical confines of how tall I am or what education I've had or how much salary I make. Questioning your self-worth can be the most painful thing in the world and I don't think I want to go down that path.


At 1:30 AM, Blogger Jo said...

I dun understand why Americans are so fascinated by Carmen Electra...

Looks like a dude and the boobs are so fake...


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