Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Crazy Hand

I'm ashamed to admit that I have tilted once again. I noticed a juicy 2/4 Euro NL table and sat down but couldn't hit a damn card while everyone was moving money around by going all-in with top pair. In the end I got fed up and tried to bluff in spots I knew I shouldn't have. Long story short, I was quickly down 500 Euros. Naturally I was extremely fed up since I had taken 2 weeks to build that up so I took my remaining 500 Euros to sit down at a 5/10 Euro NL Heads up table. Then this hand happened.

Game # 313209174 - Texas Hold'em No Limit EUR 5,00/10,00 - Table "Leuven", Game ended 2006-04-25 13:54:59 GMT+01:00

Players: kobechibbs (EUR 569,22 in seat 1), fstrand (EUR 918,88 in seat 2)
Dealer: kobechibbs Big Blind: fstrand (10,00) Small Blind: kobechibbs (5,00)

kobechibbs was dealt: Jd - Js

kobechibbs Call (5,00), fstrand Raise (29,00), kobechibbs Raise (100,00), fstrand Call (71,00)

Flop 9d - 2h - 4h

fstrand Check, kobechibbs All-In (459,22), and after taking forever to think fstrand Calls (459,22)

Turn 9d - 2h - 4h - Kh

River 9d - 2h - 4h - Kh - 7h

fstrand shows: 4c - Ac (a pair of fours), kobechibbs shows: Jd - Js (a pair of jacks)

kobechibbs wins: EUR 1 137,69 (with a pair of jacks) Rake: EUR 0,75

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the King on the turn as I thought he could have had Ace King, and I thought I was dead for sure when I saw the fourth heart on the river. But I guess he put me on Ace King when he called my all-in bet on the flop.

I live to survive another day.


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